Your Questions Answered August 5, 2016 14:13 33 Comments

Hello Tephra fans and newcomers alike! Today I am dedicating this blog post to answering questions posed by our community. Going forward, I will make sure to post one of these posts a month, so please ask us anything. This week I will answer some of your questions posted in our Tephra subreddit.


Question #1: Long Shot

Our first question comes from Lack_of_Wit: “The specialty "Long Shot" says that it doubles the range your weapon can accurately shoot to. But does that include other augments (like scopes) or other abilities that would help you shoot farther, or does it double the base range of the weapon before these additions?”

This question is among the most common, and our answer is this: Any ability that allows you to double your range is applied after you have added up your total range. For example, if you have a gnome with piercing sight and long shot using a medium firearm with a marque 2 scope, you determine your range as follows: ((Base range 100 + Scope Mq 2 100) x2 for piercing sight) x2 for long shot. Your range is now 800 with your medium firearm. Your base range is modified by the scope, so you have a minimum of 200 feet. After you have the range from your weapon, your piercing sight racial ability is an innate talent which doubles your range to 400. Finally, Long Shot is a trained specialty that boosts your range even further granting you 800 feet for you to shoot for 3 action points.

Please note the scope augment is the only augment (so far) that you can apply multiple times to the same ranged weapon. The above example is not the highest potential range a character can achieve this way.

Question #2: Squibs & Syringes

DamagedMicrobe asks: “Could Squibs, since they are alchemy, be put into a Syringed bullet from The Armsmith Expansion? If so does it just have to hit and it explodes? Or does it have to do damage and that would be it activating? Next question also involving Syringed ammo, would the contact augment get rid of the need for the ammo to do damage as long as it hit with the accuracy roll?”

I have personally addressed this idea before as I love firing explosives from my revolver. Can it be done? Yes. If you craft syringed ammunition and fill them with squib chemicals you can then fire them and explode on an enemy. Here’s the catch; unless you take the Quick Flick specialty and Instant reload (or any augments that reduce readying cost) you will need to spend the 1 action point to ready the explosive and ready it in the firearm. These can both be done with the same action point. As for the explosion, the mechanics for this will still follow the squib rules. An unaugmented squib syringe does not need to deal damage to explode since the syringe is now just a vessel. It will explode at the end of the turn it was fired unless augmented with Collision-Detonated.

Regarding your second question about the contact augment getting rid of the need for the ammo to do damage, the answer is yes. If the syringed ammo hits and does not deal damage with a contact potion, it will take effect.

Thank you all for reading! If you have any questions please comment below or visit our subreddit here. Until next time, Cheers and Gears!