From Cracked Monocle to Parlor August 2, 2017 20:48 40 Comments

Hey friends!

In the past year, Cracked Monocle's gotten quite the shake-up. It's gotten so shaken up, in fact, that we've renamed and re-branded the whole endeavor. Now we're Parlor, LLC.

A lot of people are pretty emotionally invested in Cracked Monocle. It has a unique name and a fun logo, but -- if I can be entirely honest -- I was tired of every convention spelling it "Monacle." If it wasn't for that darned "a", I probably could've kept the name.

Instead, we're moving on to Parlor. And yep, we're using the unusual American spelling. We're not Parlour -- we're Parlor.

Why Parlor?

When I was ruminating over what I wanted to name our new endeavor, I kept thinking: I want a company that makes one think about playing silly games with close friends in a fancy room over fancy cocktails. That's the sort of life I want and it's how I want to spend my evenings. A dear friend said, "How about Parlor?" and the name stuck!

We're fully moved over to Parlor now with the launch of our newest free adventure, Jack's Bait & Boat Tours. It's the first adventure to have a Parlor logo on it, and that really excites me.

Who's in Parlor?

I, Daniel Burrow, originator of the whole Tephra line, am still here doing my thing. At my side is Jake Paul, working like crazy to make Retroscape and the whole Tephra line flourish. If you haven't been following Retroscape, that's definitely been our focus. That game is going to change everything. I couldn't be more excited. 

We're looking for a new writer (see here) and sometimes our favorite artist, Victor Helton, throws in his 2-cents. Otherwise it's just Jake and I, hanging around, trying to do some writing but mostly getting distracted by fancy cocktails.

We hope you'll keep hanging around, too, and playing our games! 

Are you in a Tephra or Retroscape game? If so, let us know in the comments!