Holiday Adventures in Tephra December 23, 2016 19:25 12 Comments

This magical, festive time of year can inspire amazing adventures, whether they be part of the over-arcing plot, or a pleasant break from crashing airships and mad scientists. While everyone in Rilausia celebrates the winter solstice in some form or fashion, each country has different traditions.

Here are a few ideas you can incorporate into your saga.

Evangless - Market Mixup

On the darkest day of the year, the bells of Tailemy chime to mark the Beloved Mother’s triumphant sacrifice to save the world from Aeon’s black despair. What started long ago as a feud between a couple of merchants competing to see who could mark the occasion with the most festivity  has become a nationwide spectacle of lights and bustling commerce. For a week, merchants host ostentatious events including auctions, raffles, and featured exotic entertainments and dining experiences. The cityfolk gather on the streets and breathe renewed life into the country.

Dalvozzea - Stranger’s Gift

The land of elves and farishtaa may be divided, but the Jinzium tradition of the Stranger’s Gift is ingrained across cultures. Long ago, when Aeon felt jilted by Jinzi’s obsession over the world together, he wove the bands of the great Angelwing Nebula to appease her. To commemorate this event, much like our world’s own “Secret Santa”, each person in Dalvozzea receives a random name of a family member or neighbor, and they are tasked with acquiring the ideal gift for that person. Sometimes, just as Jinzi reconciled with Aeon for a time because of his thoughtful present, enemies embrace, and farishtaa and elves come together for a brief moment of mutual delight.

Tordryon - The Frozen Flame Games

In the frozen north, the people of Tordryon partake in boisterous and energetic gatherings to celebrate the victory of knowledge and will over the harsh elements. These events are often filled with all manner of food and drink, as well as deafeningly loud drums and music that rattle the ice for miles. During the monthlong exhibition of nightly festivities, competitions are held to test a Tord’s endurance, strength, and ingenuity. This includes everything from frigid water sports to challenges involving hot coals. Visitors are encouraged to join in these games but should do so with extreme caution.

Zelhost - The Grand Ball

There’s no party like a Zel Haudi party--Zel Haudi parties are usually the best parties year round, and under Archduke Zimarati, they are bigger than ever. December 13 marks succession day, the biggest bash of the year, when the Zel Haudi’s dear leader began his reign. Even farishtaa have been known to turn green with envy upon seeing the celebrations. The finest orchestras fill the air with patriotic songs as nimble dancers dress like spreading flames in the national colors of orange and red. Zel Haudi cuisine and culture is offered up on golden platters as gun salutes pierce the smog and heat the already sultry night air.

While the other nations of Rilausia also celebrate the winter season, their festivities are too numerous and complex to describe in one post.

Thank you all for reading! If you would like to share your favorite holiday celebrations, in game or in real life, whether new or as old as time, please feel free to share on our Tephra reddit page here. Until next time, Cheers and Gears!