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Want to know what's coming up? Stay tuned here and we'll let you know what's on the way!

Retroscape: 2nd Playtest Book

Release Date: Late Summer 2019

Product Line: Retroscape

Type: PDF & Softcover

 Retroscape is our primary focus. In this book, you can expect to see:

  • Each lab available up to level 12.
  • Re-worked equipment and gear.
  • 4-8 new adventures (no kidding)
  • A huge page count

You can learn more about Retroscape at

The final version of Retroscape is intended to be a full Player's Guide with a separate Narrator's Guide and Bestiary. We are working toward having a slew of adventures ready at the time of publication. Come help us playtest!

The Maniacal Machinations of a Madman (Softcover Release)

Release Date: Fall 2019

Product Line: Tephra

Type: Softcover

This adventure has been released here as a PDF, but we are combining it with our Rapid Fire Guide, a bunch of pre-made characters, and releasing it in softcover form. Already have the PDF? Don't worry! We'll send you a discount code when the softcover releases so that you don't pay anything extra.

The Industrial Carnage of Evangless

Release Date: In Development. Estimated for 2020.

Product Line: Tephra

Type: Expansion PDF & Book

From the beautiful capital cities to the war-wrecked western lands, Evangless is the world's industrial juggernaut and a land in turmoil. New organizations, specialties, and a ton of setting and adventure concepts will keep the adventurers constantly in the action. If you thought Evangless was a nice peaceful Utopia, this book will prove that thought entirely wrong.