Volcanic: Legends

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Take a risk, become a legend!

Gather your friends and fellow adventurers, don your armor, and take a seat at the gaming table. Volcanic: Legends is an RPG designed for brisk combat, exciting decisions, and heart-racing action. We have designed a complete RPG toolset for you to jump straight into a fantasy narrative. Create the fantasy saga of your dreams.

Volcanic: Legends is a fantasy RPG showcasing the Volcanic RPG Engine. The Volcanic RPG Engine uses a dice pool of up to five d12s and d20s. The game designers at Parlor wanted to make an RPG engine that was built for escalation; combat is fast, social interactions flow, and players are in the pilot seat as they adventure through a story crafted by their Narrator.

This book has everything you will need for characters from levels 1 through 4. This is a generic fantasy setting. We provide you with some flavor and a full system, but it’s up to you to flesh out the world and let your creativity flow. This book was created to playtest the Volcanic RPG Engine, so we want your feedback!

This PDF is completely free! In exchange, we just ask that you go to our Discord and tell us what you think.

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/M335krC


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