Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood September 9, 2016 10:18 11 Comments

Something I have often looked for in the tabletop gaming community is a written module with different paths that can be taken. This adds more replay value and can offer an element of surprise to the game.

Introducing: A Big Misunderstanding.

This two-player module offers a quick and easy adventure for narrators of any experience to run. Contained within is a list of four villains with different styles of combat. Simply choose which one you want to throw against your dynamic duo and let the story begin!

In addition to the variety of bosses, the combat environment will also vary based on where the fight takes place. In one encounter your party may find bear traps they can use to their advantage, while in another one they might scavenge from piles of rubble to find anything of use. The party’s decisions will drastically change how the story progresses.

For the narrator, this module includes notes and suggestions for shaping the story around your players. Listed within are adventure hooks to draw the players in, detailed maps and tables to resolve player actions, and story rewards based on player decisions and consequences. Not only is this module a great experience for new and experienced players and narrators alike, but it also provides a great environment to try new character ideas and different approaches to each combat.

I remember when this module was being tested. I hadn’t played in a game run by Austin Witt, the module’s writer. I was amazed at the level of detail this man put into his games. Throughout the session I listened eagerly to his descriptions of scenery, people, and even the actions of his bosses. I can see that same energy when I read over this module. The relentless imagination carves out an unforgettable scene that reels in your senses and takes you on an adventure. The dialogue and energy of the characters bring them to life, and suddenly your heart is racing in the middle of combat. I took inspiration from Austin, as I wanted to give my players the same feeling I had. I wanted to create an experience that would pull them in and leave them begging for more.

Thank you all for reading! This module is in the final touch-ups and will be released soon. Check out our store page here, or our products on Drivethru RPG for promotions and bundles. If you would like to be kept in the loop on current or upcoming specials, sign up for our newsletter here. Until next time, Cheers and gears!