About Us

Parlor is a small team of people who want to help you create fantastic stories.

We are dedicated to building roleplaying games that give you a safe space to challenge your creativity, engage your friends, and bring your imagination to life. Life is often dominated by chores, spreadsheets, long emails, and uncomfortable conversations. In-between all that, we'd like to add a little bit of adventure.

Parlor began in 2007 as Cracked Monocle, Texas’s premiere steampunk gaming company. You know us for our signature steampunk RPG, Tephra, and from seeing our games at conventions across Texas and beyond. In 2012 Cracked Monocle self-published their first product, the Playing Guide for Tephra: the Steampunk RPG, with the help of a wildly successful Kickstarter.

In 2016, we started to expand our brand. We took on the name Parlor and began adding some additions to our RPG family. You can check out our free fantasy RPG, Volcanic: Legends, or follow our progress on our jazzy post-apocalyptic RPG, Retroscape.



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For general questions and inquiries, please contact Daniel Burrow at Daniel@ParlorGaming.com.


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Retailers and Distributors:

If you are interested in ordering books at Retail or Distribution prices, please contact us at Daniel@ParlorGaming.com so we can work with you to customize your order.