Tommy Torpedo - A Fun Example Simulacron September 15, 2015 15:56

We were recently asked for an example Simulacron character. Spencer McAdams, whom we refer to as "Tephra Superfan #1," was up the for the challenge! May I present to you: Tommy Torpedo.

Physical Appearance
Tommy Torpedo is not named as such for his speed alone. This simulacron's entire frame is designed for aquadynamics. His rounded features rival even some small military water craft, and his posture gives him the look of a seasoned soldier. His facial features include dark sockets for eyes, and a slightly jutting jaw. Attached between his shoulder blades, he has a third arm with a four-pronged hand mounted. He has the emblem of the Evanglessian navy etched onto his chest and both forearms. He stands rather short, and has a thin but sturdy form about him.

His Story
No one is quite sure who built Tommy. He was found washed up on the shore near an Evanglessian naval base a few decades ago. When his rescuers noticed that he was breathing, and filled with essence, they began to suspect he was some abomination that was sent to destroy them. Those concerns melted away when Tommy stood up, cleared his throat, and spoke with the strongest stammer anyone had ever heard. He was just as scared as any of them, and so they brought him to base and took care of him.

Over the years, Tommy served the navy as a shipwright. He had displayed a strong knack for fixing anything he could get his three hands on, and he was the fastest swimmer anyone had ever seen, earning himself the surname Torpedo.

A few years ago, Tommy retired from the navy. He decided to make more productive use of his life, and to find out more about the person who built him. He is often seen in workshops, helping to fix things for a little extra money, as well as following the clues he has to go on.

He is not known for keeping money for very long. He usually spends it immediately on any necessities, or towards finding more information on his creator. Lips loosen with money.

Using Tommy in Combat
Tommy has a knack for fixing things, and so he will usually do what he can to repair someone else's automatons, vehicles, or whatever needs fixing. When he's not repairing things, he's using his military training, usually in the way of charging single targets and punching the living daylights out of them. If an opponent is being very problematic, Tommy will begin grabbing limbs with his two regular hands, and then punching them in the face with his third arm. Ultimately, Tommy knows his role: help out in any way.

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