Fan Art! July 29, 2015 15:40

One of the best parts about working on a Roleplaying Game is that we get way more fan-art than other forms of "writing." I often think of Tephra as a toolset for the imagination. When talented artists get a hold of this toolset, magical things happen.

This is a compilation of art I found while strolling through DeviantArt one afternoon. (Click on the image to be taken to its DeviantArt page.)

Ki'j by madhatter6626:

Marshal Elbert by tvoie

Captain Hanz by Stabbykinz

Tephra Train by shadow20x6

DnD Tephra by hoboknifed


Illa the Ayodin by justamutt


Mantis Bot by CarressofVenus

Tephra Character: Jezebel Rothstein by experimential-curios

Ayodin - Tephra by meliorates (a coloring of one of Victor Helton's sketches)
Arrah McArney + Tony by ArrahMcArney

Rowan Kirin by nosferatu-girl

Swordswoman's Stance by Vimivix


Arrah McArney by ArrahMcArney

My Steampunk Persona - 'Error' by BlackCatXel

Ki'j by madhatter6626:

Steampunk Liquid Propelled Pistol by raschwolf
Villains by dontpettheskunk
That's it! Do you have any Tephra fan art or favorite steampunk artists? Tell us in the comments!