Site Tweaks & Character Sheets April 6, 2015 14:00 1 Comment

Have you been over to our Tephra website? It's a pretty hopping place for all things Tephra. Unfortunately, it hasn't been touched much in the last year. But I'm changing that!

I've been going over it, updating things, and making it a more accessible website. I even found some dead links (uh oh!), but they're all alive and working now. 

The craziest thing I discovered was that our character sheets were no where to be found. How has anybody been playing Tephra without character sheets!? Thankfully, you can always find our character sheets in the back of your book. But now you don't have to. Just go on over to this page:

You'll be able to download not only three versions of the character sheet, but also the automaton sheet, a map of Rilausia, and a bunch of fillable cards (for specialties, augments, and crafted items). It's useful stuff!

If anything isn't working, let me know! Send me a message at Daniel@Scheme.Works and I'll take care of it.