Stop Giving Cracked Monocle Money April 4, 2015 14:24

In hindsight, I could've phrased that title a bit better.

If you are tired of giving Cracked Monocle money (or, more likely, you've purchased everything we have for sale and you still have mountains of money left over), you could always fund somebody else's dream of owning a deathray.

That's right, a deathray. Or, at the very least, a giant laser cutter. 

See, there's this local group in Austin:

I'm at least 90% sure that they classify as super heroes in some way. And if not super heroes, they're at the very least delusional artist. It's often the same thing, right?

They are trying to get an amazing laser cutter. And there are a ton of cool perks that go with that. Interested in checking it out, funding their dream of world domination, and getting some cool stuff for it? Check it out here