Best Tephra Release EVER! April 1, 2015 21:07 1 Comment

It's April Fools' Day, so obviously that title is hyperbole.... right?

Well, not entirely.

I'm here to celebrate a few things! The biggest and most important is the smashing release of our newest free supplement, the Anti-Graviton Magic 12-ball! This little gizmo will introduce tons of physics-breaking awfulness into your already chaotic Tephra saga. If you didn't know how to ruin everybody's gaming experience before, this thing will surely do it! And the worst thing about it is that, when you read it, you'll start to think, "This thing is kind of legit. Maybe I should use it?" Then, you'll come to your senses and realize, "NOPE!" And you'll be right! 

Now that you've settled down from your excitement over the Magic 12-ball, what other exciting things are going on? 

Well.... what if I told you that we are now selling the Tephra Playing Guide? That's awesome, right!? Wait, you already have that? No no no no, I meant the PDF. Yep, the long-awaited Tephra Playing Guide is now in PDF form. Get it here!

What else could possibly be new? 

I'm glad you asked! 


You've always wanted Aether. I know you have. Well now's your chance: the 5-star awesome Aether system is now available in a surprisingly cheap PDF form. You should grab it here

By now you're wondering, "Daniel, is that all you have to talk about? New product? I'm not made of money, so stop trying to sell me things!" To which I respond: "Why then are you reading a blog on a webstore?" 

But let's put aside my inherent snarkiness and instead gaze over to the top right, where you will see a link labeled "Free Stuff!" in the navigation bar. Yep, that's free stuff. Nope, there's not much there right now. But there will be! For now, though, go enjoy decimating your sanity with the Anti-Graviton Magic 12-ball. And those other cool PDFs we have up for sale.