Free! Delsya, a community-built project

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Off the western coast of Evangless, part of the Qui archipelago, lies the 30-mile-long island of Delsya. Abandoned Evanglessian reasearch compounds, pirate coves, ayodin societies, and gnomish cities can all be explored on this island of adventure!

Delsya was created as community collaboration project and has been released as a free location supplement for Tephra: the Steampunk RPG. First Cracked Monocle released a prompt, roughly detailing an area. Then, the community built up what was in that area, the people, everything (see the forum thread here). Then in the final stage, Cracked Monocle took that info, adjusted it to fit our world and lore, and developed a short PDF to share with the world for free! Our community’s creativity always amaze us and we are excited to have the chance to share this with you!

Grab this awesome PDF for absolutely nothing!

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