Races of Tephra - Free!

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Races of Tephra: Happy Accidents & Haudi Experiments

110 pages of new races, and we're giving it away? That's right!

This PDF has 10 new races, every possible hybrid you could want, and dozens of variations on the core races. If your Tephra game has been getting stale, you don't have to worry about that anymore: throw in some giant abyssals or some secret homunculi or even a twisted ayodin-satyr hybrid and see what fun comes to light!

Brought to us by the dedicated team of Geoffrey Miller, Andrew Miller, Mathew Dennett, Rachel Merrill, and many other fantastic authors. 

Please Note: This book isn't quite as polished as we might normally like for one of our paid supplements (hence it's free). Please relax your standards for any glaring typos or formatting errors. Thanks!

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