Free! Tephra Character Sheets & More!

$ 0.00

Everyone needs a character sheet! 

That's why we've decided to just give them away. That's right: while many other RPG companies make you pay for character sheets, we just give them away! 

For example, go check out the character sheet for the RPG, Quacks & Quagmires (you probably know it as "Q&Q"). They sell their character sheet in a $29.99 bundle! 

That's right, our character sheets are free. Which is a great deal compared to Legend of the Hot Springs. While their character sheet might be pretty, it goes for $9.99!

Or how about the famous Q&Q spin-off, Mathgrinder? They have enough money to give away their character sheet, but even they still charge $3.99 per character. That must explain where they get all their money.

We are dedicated to remaining in poverty, so you can just have your Tephra character sheets for free. That's fine. Really.

If you don't want to go through check-out, just grab them over on our page

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