Valdru: the Breathing Earth - A Tephra Expansion

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Welcome to Valdru, a land with layers of intrigue, science, and wonder waiting to be uncovered. Nomadic clans travel the dangerous forests on the surface, but below the earth is where life thrives. Long ago, the gnomes of Valdru buried themselves underground. Dwelling within secret stronghold cities and using advanced bio-flux, the gnomish towns grew until an entire nation was hidden beneath the very earth itself and closed off from the outside world.

Today, Valdru is threatened from within. The walls of the underground cities are beginning to open in hopes of forming alliances with the surface dwellers. The Blight threatens to destroy the nation, and Valdru needs help. With the science of bio-flux, you can gain control over the very earth itself, create explosive plant bombs and guardians, and even alter your own body completely... all for the sake of survival. Will you push back the Blight, or will you also fall prey to the mold monsters and become one with them? Strap on your hardhats, grab your torches, and watch your head, it's time to explore Valdru: the Breathing Earth.

This supplement introduces the gnomish nation of Valdru, new specialties that transform you into mutants and monsters, and several new crafting options:

Blastbulbs: organic seeds filled with explosively violent vines

Fungal Limbs: grow additional limbs that you can control with your spirit

Essentience: infusing temporary sentience into the earth so that it fights for you

Sentinels: new bio-fluxxed automatons that make the ultimate guards


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An expansion written by Tyler G. Hudson and Jake Paul

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