Tephra: the Narrator's Accomplice

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If you liked Tephra: the Steampunk RPG, then you're going to love this. The Narrator's Accomplice is the narrator's ultimate tool for creating a mind-blowing steampunk adventure. Traps, monsters, hazards, terrain, relics, and more will keep your saga fresh for years.

  • Terrifying Monsters: 137 monsters and automatons, aliens and animals, and all other sorts of new and horrifying abominations to challenge your players!
  • Make Better NPCs Faster: A complete NPC generator, including 24 sample NPCs, and numerous tools to help create memorable NPCs
  • New to Narrating? This book is full of fantastic advice on running a saga, inspiring players, building adventures, and much more
  • New Ways to Torture Your Players: New status effects, weather, terrain, diseases, drugs and other hazards to keep things interesting
  • Watch your step! We've got traps from a wide range of technological levels to trip up your unwary adventurers
  • Fantastic Rewards: Over 100 new stories to reward your adventurers, 22 unique artifacts, blueprints, loot, and more!
This book is 242 pages and has more art than any Tephra release before it. We're positive you're going to love this book!

This book is available in both PDF and EPUB version.

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