Tephra: Digital Bundle

$ 49.99 $ 99.36

We know you want everything, so go no further! You can pick up the Digital Bundle now, including nearly* everything that Tephra has available. You get the full Playing Guide, Narrator's Accomplice, expansions, adventures, and some awesome freebies. Don't bother adding every item individually to your cart: get them all here!

Options Include:

>> The Complete Digital Bundle: The Complete Digital Bundle includes the award-winning Tephra: Playing Guide (regular price of $39.99) in PDF format. You also get every Expansion, Adventure, and Fun Freebie below!

>> PDF Expansions Only: Since you already have the Playing Guide, you can easily get every Expansion, Adventure, and Fun Freebie below!


  • The Narrator's Accomplice (normally $9.99)
  • Aether (normally $1.99)
  • Armsmith Extra (normally $3.49)
  • Explosives (normally $4.99)
  • Kickstarter Adversary Book (normally $7.99)
  • Living Liquids (normally $2.99)
  • Mementos (normally $2.99)
  • Pets & Predators (normally $4.99)
  • The Salvager Menace (normally $0.99)


  • A Big Misunderstanding (normally $2.49)
  • Airship Graveyward (normally $1.99)
  • From Boot Hill (normally $3.99)
  • The Maniacal Machinations of a Madman (normally $4.99)
  • Mansion Mayhem (normally $2.49)
  • The Golden Bandit & other Rangston Adventures (normally $4.99)
  • The Great Airship Robbery (normally $4.99)

Fun Freebies:

  • She's Gonna Blow - Adventure Concept
  • 3-Guns & the Big Steal - a Great Starting Adventure
  • Suulrai - a New Nationality
  • The Rapid-Fire Guide
  • The Magic 12-Ball - a goofy item
  • Jack's Bait & Boat Tours (free!)
  • Races of Tephra
  • All of our character sheets, cards, and more!

And let's not talk about the true savings: now you don't have to go individually click "Add to Cart" on every single one of those items you want.

*Not Included: Our newest expansions, Valdru and Maniacal Machinations, are not currently included in this bundle. 

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