The Golden Bandit & other Rangston Adventures - A Tephra Expansion

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Mix 1 part wild west trading town with equal parts inventors, creators, and crazies, and Welcome to Rangston!

The Golden Bandit and his riff-raff are at it again! One year ago, they stole the face off the town’s clocktower, and now he‘s announced that he’s going to steal the whole thing. The automaton sheriff and his deputies need help (a bit desperately, I might add), and only the adventurers are around to lend aid!

The Golden Bandit is an adventure set in Tephra: the Steampunk RPG. It includes a slew of fully-statted opponents, traps, and mayhem just waiting to get in the adventurers’ way. This adventure includes maps, story hooks, and more to get your game going fast!

This book also welcomes you to Rangston, a wild west town that’s gone off the deep end. Inventors have flocked to this town, a town nestled at the remote intersection of several rail lines. You’ll get an introduction to Rangston, some great plot hooks, background stories, and even a new craft: Widgets! When trinkets are too small but you don’t want to make something crazy, widgets are perfect for you. And let’s not forget about Misery’s Mortuary: a prison for people who just can’t quite stay dead. 

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An adventure and setting written by Tim Bedard, Robert Stephens, and Spencer McAdams

 ISBN-10: 1511610271  |  ISBN-13: 978-1511610278

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