The Maniacal Machinations of a Madman - 3-part Adventure Saga for Tephra: the Steampunk RPG

$ 4.99

What starts as a few adventurers answering a distress beacon in a small town quickly escalates into a full- adrenaline saga. You’ll take your adventurers against the 9th Brigade, a well-armed private military company, and a floating automaton factory bent on demolishing the city of Tiasma.

The Maniacal Machinations of a Madman is a 3-part adventure saga that encourages exploration, clever thinking, and some solid combat skills. This saga can fill a dozen nights of adventuring, so put your jetpack on and let’s get going!

Introduce your players to the exciting world of Tephra: the Steampunk RPG. Take new adventurers from first level to third in an adventure where the stakes and difficulty constantly increase.

Full of Content: 27 diverse enemies, automatons, and turrets and 24 combat maps ready to surprise and delight your players.

Written by Martin Solis

This PDF is an adventure for Tephra: the Steampunk RPG. A copy of the Playing Guide is recommended, but honestly, you could play it with just the free Rapid Fire Guide

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