A Big Misunderstanding - Tephra PDF Adventure

$ 1.99

Two adventurers are walking the streets at night, each going about their own business. As they pass, the buildings around them explode as a hulking villain emerges. The adventurers are faced with two options: flee for their lives, or die fighting!

You should buy this adventure if you fit into either of the following two categories:

  1. You want to run up to 8 adventures for two 1st-level. This adventure is a fantastic demo game: you can run it several times without ever experiencing the same adventure. You pick from any of the four fascinating villains, and the adventurers choose a building in which to escape. Replay value is key.
  2. You want content. This adventure has four villain choices, each of which has two forms. And you can fight them in the apothecary, subway station, opera house, or one of the other fully mapped out buildings. 

Written by Austin Witt. 

A Big Misunderstanding is an adventure for Tephra: the Steampunk RPG using the Clockwork System. It contains write-ups, maps, non-player characters, and all the information you need to run this adventure aside from the Playing Guide or Rapid-Fire Guide

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