The 2014 Convention Season Heats Up! May 21, 2014 09:03

As summer approaches (or being in Texas, has already arrived), Cracked Monocle is gearing up for our summer convention season. We've got some great events we are hitting this year and really excited to be able to show off all the new merchandise we've released over the past twelve months along with showing off our amazing new backdrop!


  • Houston Texas, May 23rd-26th
  • This event is 4 days this year, but Cracked Monocle will only be attending Fri/Sat/Sun


San Japan: 



We are rapidly adding more events to our list for the remainder of the year, so keep tuned! If you would like to request our presence at a convention in the Southern United States or the East Coast, email us at and we will work with our narrating crews to see if it can be arranged.