Free! Suulrai, a new nationality

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Suulrai is a small nation desperately hugging onto the western coastline of Rilausia. Suulrai is the most technologically-backwards nation in Rilausia. Its economy is based off the Trust system, but the Trust puts very few resources into maintaining its branches in Suulrai. Most of the population survives on fishing and subsistence farming. Yet technology has not always been so unattainable for the Suulrailis. Suulrai had a technological revolution that nearly destroyed the nation, and today most forms of advanced science arm banned, if not by law, by public demand. The fledgling nation is attempting to build a representative democracy, with its rebuilding efforts headed by a man called the Arbiter – a man who was torn apart by science and then rebuilt. He has led the ban against sci ence, seeing mixed results. Across Suulrai, underground industries and scientists – factories hidden deep in the Suulraili jungles – are trafficking bootlegged technology and selling these illegal items to any household that can afford them.

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