Our Staff

Daniel A. Burrow - Owner


The owner and founder of Cracked Monocle, Mister Burrow is a celebrated game master known for his exquisite sideburns. He began the world of Tephra and lead it through development and to success. Today, he is Cracked Monocle’s foremost authority on game design and his crew often refers to him as Warchief. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his python and friends. 

Charlie Stayton


The head of Cracked Monocle's "East Coast" division, Charlie Stayton joined the team a few years ago and became an unbridled Cracked Monocle champion. He has published The Great Airship Robbery and had his hand in a number of other projects. He is known for his jovial demeanor and his outstanding knowledge of steampunk, Victorian times, and the gaming industry. He currently lives in Williamsburg, Virginia, with his wife Anastasia and his companion Gwen.