Event Services

Tabletop Game Room Organization: 

With over 30 conventions of experience, Cracked Monocle is uniquely suited to improving your convention’s tabletop gaming room. Whether you’re looking for a small room for people to relax or want a gaming colliseum that will entertain hundreds of people, we know how to do that. We can organize the game room, assist your gaming coordinator in contacting local gaming stores, and bring more gamers to your convention. And let’s not forget that Cracked Monocle will bring its own volunteer crew and award-winning games to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Let your gaming room be the talk of the con! 

Hosting a Kickstarter (Panel): 

In recent years, raising funds for a project through crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo has skyrocketed in popularity. But Kickstarter isn’t just easy money. You have to raise awareness, do some groundwork, and make sure you have a Kickstarter that is even capable of reaching your goals. But once you have the kickstarter complete, how do you fulfill your promises? Learn the pitfalls of running a successful crowdsourcing campaign while planning your next big project! 

Making Your Own Tabletop RPG (Panel): 

If you’ve ever run your own Dungeons & Dragons adventure or told a Vampire: the Requiem story, we’d wager that you’ve thought about making your own tabletop roleplaying game. But where do you start? Join Cracked Monocle as we discuss how to create an RPG, build a community, and publish your game. This panel will be largely audience-driven, as we can discuss the creation of RPG mechanics, organizing your book, the business aspects, and much, much more! 

World Building (Panel): 

Setting, setting, setting! It’s all about setting! Whether you’re creating a comic, writing a book, or making an RPG, you’ve got to have an exciting setting. Join Cracked Monocle, esteemed world-builders of Tephra: the Steampunk RPG, as we discuss how to make an exciting world. We’ll talk about how to avoid the traps that so many settings fall into, how to make your setting feel true, and ways to make people feel like they’re really a part of the setting.

If you are interested in any of our event services, please email us at info@crackedmonocle.com