Mansion Mayhem - Tephra PDF Adventure

$ 1.99

Berwick Manor is a small estate recently outfitted with a mechanical staff that can take care of the residents’ every need. Something has gone awry, however, and the party must now fight their way through a horde of homicidal metal wait-staff as they search for the origin of this robotic revolution. Is it class warfare, a defect in their model, or something more sinister? All will be revealed as the party explores this mansion of mayhem.

This is an smash-and-thrash adventure for 2nd-level Tephra adventurers. 

The adventure has a half-dozen automaton maids, butlers, and more, along with something more sinister. Your players will also love the slew of items they can pick up inside this manor.

About the Author: Mansion Mayhem is Henry White's second Tephra adventure after The Airship Graveyard. Henry has was the Gameplay Lead for the Playing Guide, served a directorial role in the Narrator's Accomplice, and co-authored Explosives, Living Liquids, and the Armsmith Extra.

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