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Playtest Rulebook - 2020 Version

Swing into the decopunk SciFi setting of Retroscape! Retroscape is an an electroswing-inspired RPG designed for escalating combat, exciting decisions, and heart-racing action.

After the third great war, technology became seen as the cause of humanity’s downfall, and the survivors created a prohibition around the world against the pursuit of science. Within the city of Delphi, however, technology was a guardian, protecting its citizens. 80 years later, Delphi has turned into a Utopia and the technology has grown. You are a member of a Lab, an organization tasked with safeguarding and advancing technology within a post-apocalyptic world. You alter weather patterns with reality-warping portals, connect you mind to massive satellites watching over nearby areas, or are a super soldier that splices your own bodies with the DNA of monsters in order to protect the city.

This book has everything you need for characters from levels 1 through 12. Players will find character creation to be quick and easy, with their imagination being the limit of what they can create. Narrators will find monsters, adventures, and more, giving them all the tools they will need to create stories that will be told around the game table for years to come. Join our growing community of playtesters. Send us feedback or join our Discord chat where you can talk to the developers and other playtesters directly.


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