Convention Time! June 16, 2016 11:23 3 Comments

This weekend is going to be a blast! Not only is it a convention weekend, but it’s right in my own Houston neighborhood. Comicpalooza is happening this weekend, and from previous experiences it promises to be an enjoyable one.

Getting back into the convention scene has rekindled my creative spark, and this weekend I look forward to running all sorts of new adventures I’ve written up. I’ve found I enjoy running thought-provoking mysteries and adventures with unexpected twists. While Tephra’s combat is a blast, I get the most excited when the combats are interspersed among a great storyline. When I offer a mystery and a trail of clues, I’m in my zone. Watching the players’ reactions as they discover something they didn’t expect is one of the many reasons I enjoy running games.

If you look on the Comicpalooza schedule you will find two games scheduled for each day. We’re also open to running unscheduled games for those interested - feel free to come on up and ask! We will have our newest products up for sale (and may even use them in our demos).

The d-Infinity Indie Game Awards will also be announced this weekend. If you haven’t voted for the Narrator’s Accomplice, now’s the time! Just hit this link and click vote.

The convention has been a great event in the past, filling up the massive George R. Brown center with all sorts of attractions: arcade games, comic books, artist panels, and even the occasional Time Warp. There’s no shortage of things to do and people to see. Drop on by and say hello.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or con memories you’d like to share, please comment below. Until next time, Cheers and Gears!

Our Convention Schedule July 13, 2015 14:00 7 Comments

Cracked Monocle and Tephra: the Steampunk RPG are pretty well known in the Texas convention circuit. We've been to over 30 conventions in the past 5 years, from Ikkicon to Clockwork Con, A-kon to Comicpalooza, AetherFest to San Japan. We've hit up a lot of conventions, and we love going to them. I get tons of questions from our Texan fans about what conventions we're hitting up next, and people everywhere ask us if we're going to GenCon, Origins, Dragon*Con, or the GAMA Trade Show. 

Unfortunately, for the next little while, the answer is always going to be "No."

For years, Cracked Monocle has been very focused on going to conventions. It was like a drug: we can get in, play Tephra with a bunch of awesome people, grow, sell some books, and have a great time. But conventions were also immensely time-consuming and draining. 

In the last few months since taking over again, I've decided to not focus on conventions. I want to grow Tephra's product-base. I want to believe that people are playing Tephra at home and not just with us at the conventions. I want to spend those weekends writing and releasing great new material, not showcasing old stuff. 

However, don't write us off yet!

The famous Charlie Stayton of Cracked Monocle East will be hitting up game stores in his area and Mars Con in January. If he gets any other events, we'll be sure to announce them!

Then, the first convention that the new Cracked Monocle in Texas plans to hit up is ChupacabraCon. This local Austin con focuses heavily on roleplaying games, creativity, and new ideas. I love it dearly. I love it so much, in fact, that I volunteered to be their Media Coordinator.

(So if you hadn't heard about it until now, it's because I was doing a poor job. But you've heard about it now, so I'm doing a good job once again!) 

I'm sorry that we won't get a chance to play together for a while, but I hope you enjoy everything that Tephra is able to offer in the upcoming months. We're excited to release all this new material, and we hope that your home games benefit greatly from it!

Cheers & Gears,