Tephra: Narrator's Screen

$ 9.99

Are you a narrator looking for just an ounce of privacy in your life? Do you need to safeguard your dice rolls, camouflage your notes, and shield your figurines from prying eyes? Your wait comes to an end! 

With our Narrator Screen, you will be able to hide your notes and rolls while also giving yourself access to all of Tephra's most valuable notes. That's right: on the Narrator's side, we include everything from Called Shots to Attributes to Status Effects. Your days of referencing the book every five minutes are coming to an end!

"This Cardstock Chateaux would've made my life so much easier when I was narrating!" ~ Tyler Hudson

This Narrator's Screen is 10" and expands out to 16" wide. It is made of 305gsm black-core card stock. It's light and can easily be tucked into your Tephra book during travels. Gets your today!

Shipping: The Narrator's Screen is printed and shipped after the order is placed. It takes 2-3 weeks for the screen to arrive once you place your order.

Artwork by Victor Helton and Iona Rivera. 

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